Team Building & Outdoor Challenges

A guide to the “Wild Things” selection of Outdoor games, challenges, and initiatives. These activities cover aims such as immersing people in the natural world, building confidence and self-esteem, communication, co-operation and
group work. Although they utilise elements of competition to create challenges the overall focus of the activities is one of co-operation, participation, and non hierarchical organisation.


( 1 to 2 hours) An exhilarating and fast paced game, flags is played over a wide area of woodland.

- to immerse participants in the natural world.
- to build self confidence and self esteem.
- to be exhilarating and fun.

Game Play:
Two teams, two territories, two flags. Capture the opposing teams flag and get it back to your home base. This is a game of running and hiding and diverse tactics. Throughout the game the players’ participation is supported and nurtured by Wild Things workers. This game works well with a wide variety of groups aged 8 to adult.

Win flags cartoon

“Terminator Gene”

(1 and a half - 2 hours). A mix of orienteering, communication, and hectic action.

- to develop group communication and confidence,
- to develop group work through a mix of considered decisions and fast paced thinking.
- to have an edge of excitement and anticipation.

Game Play:
With an eco-activist theme, two teams are looking for the scattered parts of a genetic formula designed to control the worlds food chain. Using the maps and clues available to them each team must find 3 parts of the formula. But they need all six pieces to complete the genetic code. They must find the other team and gain their pieces without losing their own. Suitable for teenagers to adults.

Team Games, challenges and initiatives

(1 and a half - 2 hours). A series of short activities that can be put together to suit your group.

- to develop initiative, communication, confidence, and co-operation,
- to have fun.

Game Play:
A collection of diverse team building activities. Action and out come can, where possible, be tailored to suit the needs of your group.

The activities can be used as a fun way of getting a group to start working together, or can be used as a vehicle to develop and analyse group dynamics. Suitable for teenagers to adults.

“The Night Quest”

(1 hour to 1 and a half hours). A confidence builder in the dark.

- to build confidence,
- to experience a woodland at night,
- to have fun.

Game Play:
Two teams search the woods to find sticks of light. When they have found their “sticks” they must then creep past the watcher evading the searchlight to deposit the sticks. Suitable for 10 year olds and above.

Evaluation comments for team games & challenges:

-“They were well planned and organised and the staff were friendly and encouraging to all our learners” ( Worksop Lifeskills )

-“Everyone got on well, everybody took part, no-one opted out, an exhilarating experience, we used good communication skills.” ( Ollerton Lifeskills )