Child Protection

Police Checks: All Wild Things workers have full disclosure police checks

Insurance: Wild Things has £5,000,000 Third Party Liability Cover with the Co-operative Insurance Society.

Risk Assessment: All Wild Things activities and sites are risk assessed. Risk assessments are available on request.

Child Protection Policy:

Working with Children and Young People - This policy is to make sure that both children, young people, and workers can enjoy a safe and secure environment while participating in Wild Things activities. This document should have been read, understood, and agreed to before working with children or young people as part of the Wild Things Team.

Points to remember:

- make sure that where possible young people are accompanied by their own adult carers ( e.g. parents, teachers or youth leaders ) and that these adults are directly responsible for those in their care.

- make sure you know which young people are in your charge, the extent of your responsibility, where they are and what they are doing.

- an appropriate number of adults should be present, bearing in mind the activity ( is it in open ground, where children can be seen, or in cover? ), ages and special needs of the children.

- make sure their are male and female workers / carers available as appropriate.

- avoid being left alone with young people, where possible.

- If there is one child there should be more than one adult, if there is only one adult there should be several children. e.g., don’t escort one child to the toilet, stay with the group and let the group leader take them.

- if you cannot avoid being one-to-one with a young person; make sure it is for as short a time as possible, ensure that you are accessible to others, tell someone else where you are going, what you are doing, and why.

- intervene in an appropriate manner, if bullying occurs, if you do not feel able to deal with this ask the group leader to intervene.

- inform young people about safety issues involved in activities.

- be alert to potential harm or inappropriate behaviour by others to young people in your care.

- provide access for young people to talk to another adult about any concerns they may have.

- respect a young persons right to privacy.

- do not show favouritism or get drawn into inappropriate attention seeking behaviour ( e.g. tantrums or crushes )

- do not allow or engage in suggestive remarks, gestures or touching that could be misunderstood.

- do not jump to conclusions about others without checking the facts.

- at all times Wild Things workers should be engaged in their role within the activity, and behave with professionalism, and commitment to provide the highest quality experience for young people in a safe and secure environment.

If you do not understand any of these points, or find yourself in a situation in which you are not sure what action to take, ask a Wild Things Co-operative Worker for advice.