Activities, ideas for activities, and guides to designing them ...

Sharing Nature with Children, by Joseph Cornell. Published by Dawn Publications. ISBN 0 916124 14 2
Lots of play and nature activities with environmental themes. These activities don’t require many props.

Sharing the Joy of Nature, by Joseph Cornell. Published by Dawn Publications.
ISBN 0 916124 52 5.
More games and activities.

Talking to the Earth, by Gordon MacLellan. Published by Capall Bann Publishing. ISBN 1 898307 43 1.
Some different art and drama activities for children of all ages

Earth Education... a new beginning. by Steve Van Matre. Published by The Institute for Earth Education. ISBN 0-917011-02-3.
This is the ultimate book for ecological education, a diy guide to designing your own ecological adventures. Good Book

Earth Magic, by The Institute for Earth Education (available from the Institute)
This is a “how to guide” for earth walks, a series of linked play activities for immersing kids in the natural world. Good Book

Conceptual Encounters 1, by the Institute for Earth Education (available from the institute)
A “how to guide” for getting basic ecological concepts across to 9-12 yr olds as part of an earth education programme. Good Book

Youth Action and the Environment, by Alan Dearling & Howie Armstrong. Published by Russell House Ltd. ISBN 1-898924-07-4.
Loadsa ideas, issues and contacts. Good Book

50 Simple things that Kids can do to save the Earth, by the Earth Works Group. Published by Warner Books. ISBN 0 75515 0461 0
Ideas and activities that kids can take up.

The Second co-operative sports and games book, by Terry Orlick. Published by Pantheon. Some nice ideas from around the world.

First Aid for Children Fast, in association with the British Red Cross. Published by Dorling Kindersley. ISBN 0 7513 0138 8
A very good easy to use first aid guide, illustrated with photographs so that if necessary children can also use it. - Good Book

Child orientated look at the environment ...

Rescue Mission Planet Earth, by children of the world, a children’s edition of Agenda 21, in association with the UN. Published by Kingfisher Books. ISBN 1 85697 175 9. A look at environmental issues written and illustrated by children.

Ecology, by Richard Spurgen. Published by Usborne. ISBN 0 7460 0287 4
Explanation of ecology, and some activity ideas, pitched at primary age children. The heavy stuff, lots of interesting ideas, insights, and perspectives ...

Ethnic Environmental Participation; Key articles Vols 1&2, by Judy Ling Wong FRSA, Director BEN, Published by the Black Environment Network. ISBN 1 874444 36 6
Essays on how to include ethnic groups in environmental activities, why there are barriers to ethnic participation in the natural environment, and a look at issues of class. Good Book

The Geography of Childhood, why children need wild places. by Gary Paul Nabhan and Stephen Trimble. Published by Beacon Press. ISBN 0-8070-8525-1.
How children interact with their environment, by two parent naturalists, Good Book
including a very good chapter on gender and the environment.

Reared In Captivity - restoring the freedom to play. (Papers of the 1999 Joint PLAYLINK / Portsmouth City Council Conference. Published by PLAYLINK, Tel: 020 7820 3800 email: Address; PLAYLINK, FREEPOST EDO 5600, London SW9 6BR
- an interesting and important set of documents on the harm we are causing to our children by over protectiveness, and the importance of the freedom to play.

The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood, by Edith Cobb. Published by Spring Publications. ISBN 0-88214-360-3.
“Since the imagination arises from the child’s contact with nature, each child is a born ecologist. Thus: save the children to save the imagination to save the planet.” This book looks at the symbiosis between the natural environment and the development of the whole person. - Good Book

Nature and Madness, by Paul Shepherd. Published by The University of Georgia Press. ISBN 0-8203-1980-5.
Why our society has developed mass psychosis and how an ecological sensibility might maintain our planet. - Good Book

Ecology of Freedom: the emergence and dissolution of hierarchy, by Murray Bookchin. Published by Black Rose Books. ISBN 0921689721.
Historical context to the social roots of the environmental crisis.